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In response to client demand, Michael Banks Art now offers 2 new services to the art-buyer.

( *** these services are in addition to regular, non-exclusive Digital File Usage, which continues to operate as normal )

1. EXCLUSIVITY. You are now able to purchase the Exclusive Rights to ANY image shown within Michael's artwork Collections.
You are then able to use that image in any way you wish, and in any quantity that you wish, with the assurance that you are the ONLY person in the world who has access to that image, for an agreed time period, or in perpetuity. Following purchase, the image is REMOVED from this website. An Exclusive License is provided.

2. ONE-OFFS. You are now able to purchase any of the images shown in THIS SECTION, as a One-Off piece of art.
The artwork can be printed onto paper, or any substrate of your choice, in any size from 12" (30cm) up to 96" (240cm) on the long side.
This gives you a totally unique, original artwork, with the assurance that only ONE such piece exists in the entire world.
Following purchase, the image is REMOVED from this website. A Certificate of Authenticity is provided.

Please get in touch to Request a Quotation for either of these options. 

Click on any image below to view an enlargement.


Green streak
Ephemeral space
Beauty flow
World Wide Web
Ocean glide
Stolen moment
Neon water
All in a row
Sequence of drinks
Happy hour
Carpet of light
Gem grid
Quantum physics
Beach people
Dreaming of the other side
Umbrellas up there
In your dreams
Sunset in motion
Sunlight bathed
Outside the city
Gravitational waves everywhere